Merit List of the School

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Year Name Positions
1983 Bardalyne Nongkynrih 6th Position Tribal List
1988 Kyntiewriti Mawlong 10th Position Tribal List
1993 Eka Rani Agarwal 6th Position Merit List
1996 Shelley Griffith L. Nongpiur 8th Position Tribal List
2001 Persara Lyngdoh 10th Position Tribal List
2005 Larynette Sawian 8th Position Merit List
2006 Markordor Lyngdoh 9th Position Tribal List
2007 Pdiangti Giri Mawlong 6th Position Tribal List
2009 Vivian Felicia Kharchandy 4th Position Tribal List
2009 Mitoo Rngad 8th Position Tribal List
2011 Markyntisuk L.Nonglait 1st Position Merit List
2011 Eleglaza Airiti Hujon 5th Position Merit List
2011 Nerisa Clara Marwein 9th Position Merit List
2012 lbalawanpynhun Wriang 10th Position Merit List
2013 Febron Kristi Linda Lyngkhoi 16th Position Merit List
2014 Badaiahun Wriang 4th Position Merit List
2014 Dapdianglin Marwein 8th Position Merit List
2015 Na-isabet Dohtdong 12th Position Merit List
2015 Badarilin Marwein 14th Position Merit List
2016 Laaihun Wriang 6th Position Top 20
2016 Lily Sharon Lyngdoh Mawphlang 6th Position Top 20
2016 Mebalajer S Maring 8th Position Top 20
2016 Novena Cheerful Tariang 16th Position Top 20
2017 Dafica Kynter 3rd Position Top 20
2017 Phibandarity Mawkon 6th Position Top 20
2017 Dakermedo Nongpluh 15th Position Top 20
2017 Philabetshwa Nongrum 11th Position Top 20
2017 Parkles Theolinda Lyngkhe 19th Position Top 20
2018 Baphiralin Synrem 15th Position Top 20
2018 Hilary K. Khongjee 18th Position Top 20
2019 Lariphylla Kharphuli 15th Position Top 20
2020 Phindarikynti Khongphai 18th Position Top 20
2020 Abadahun Wanshnong 20th Position Top 20
2021 Iaphilarisa Khongbuh 4th Position Top 20
2021 Hameka Mylliemngap 13th Position Top 20
2021 Iayarisa Lyngdoh Marshilong 14th Position Top 20

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