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Eco Club2 Eco Club

Empowering children with the knowledge and skills to improve the environment is one of the ultimate goals of the Eco Club. This club helps to create awareness and sensitivity towards the environment through activities like Essay Competition, Drawing Competition etc. It also helps to instill in students the Joy of Learning through constructive actions for a greener future. For children, action can become a powerful tool of learning about the environment. It helps them to realise that their action can make a difference and it fosters in them a sense of responsibility for their immediate environment. To achieve this aim, the club organised different programmes such as Tree Plantation, Cleaning Drive etc. The 5th of June 2014 was a day of remembrance for the Eco Club as it was able to launch its motto, “Rise up! Be a Green Crusader” as part of the Golden Jubilee Celebration. The Logo Drawing Competition was also organised and a logo designed by Mebalajer S. Maring of Class-IX B was selected. As a mark of appreciation for the children’s effort in keeping the school clean, an award known as “Green Award” was given to the best House, the Blue House and the “Green Beacon” was given to a student, Veronica Passah V A The Green Award is to be passed on from one responsible House to another every year and the Green Beacon environment in the school.

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